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Boho Beach Baby Party

I know what you're thinking, a toddler's birthday party on the beach? That's crazy.  Yes... It is. Kind of crazy. I mean, there is so much sand. You can't bring anything glass--no platters, cups, jars, nothing. But how often do you get to hang out with everyone you know, and all your kids friends, at the beach at the same time? Never. So we went for it. And it was SO fun. ~Snapped a quick pic moments before the guests arrived and the fog burned off.~ A double wide pop up tent provided essential shade and the added bonus of a place to hang decorations. For hanging decor I chose to garnish a dozen embroidery hoops with minimalist florals, pink yarn, and a small gold mylar balloon.  Embroidery...

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Camp Stripes

The mountains are calling... and I must go.  We re-designed the chalk wall in the shop recently to display a mountain backdrop for our Camp collection. Wall decals including clouds and a harvest moon, which you may recognize it from our popular tank top line, are now available in the shop.See what's new in the Camp Stripes section here. Hint: It definitely includes patches.        Speaking of camp vibes, we're dying to host another fun mini "camp out" like this one we did with Glam Camp last fall. Whose in? Because s'mores. And tents. Need I say more...                                

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Summer Loving Party

This year we had a sweet summer kick off party celebrating the third anniversary of our grand opening in 2012. Sweet, fruity and yes, striped(!) props were the name of the day. So I thought I would share this giant watermelon pinata prop DIY I did, among other things, in my very first blog post. Event photos by Kristen Bliss Photography, copyright 2015. For those who are interested, here is my Watermelon Pinata Prop DIY. What you will need:Cardboard Box Cutter, Ruler, Scissors, Hot Glue GunDuct TapeTissue PaperBlack material (any paper, felt or vinyl will work)Step 1. Use a ruler to trace two triangles onto your cardboard, one for the front and one for the back. Cut on the lines...

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