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Camp Stripes

The mountains are calling... and I must go.  We re-designed the chalk wall in the shop recently to display a mountain backdrop for our Camp collection. Wall decals including clouds and a harvest moon, which you may recognize it from our popular tank top line, are now available in the shop.See what's new in the Camp Stripes section here. Hint: It definitely includes patches.        Speaking of camp vibes, we're dying to host another fun mini "camp out" like this one we did with Glam Camp last fall. Whose in? Because s'mores. And tents. Need I say more...                                

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A Midsummer Night's Dream Baby Shower

First of all, can we talk about what a great theme this is? Combining rustic, natural decor and boho vibes with a splash of girly and glamorous. It really was like a dream. We pulled together just enough decor to add some "wow" to the natural beauty of the setting, and lots of small personalized touches for this special day. SEATINGBlankets and pillows on the grass made for a cozy, intimate setting, much more in-line with our theme than traditional rented tables and chairs. The guests settled right in and seemed to enjoy the novelty of this seating option even more than I'd expected. To create a special seat for the mother-to-be while opening presents, we strung gauze curtains on...

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