Boho Beach Baby Party

I know what you're thinking, a toddler's birthday party on the beach? That's crazy. 

Yes... It is. Kind of crazy. I mean, there is so much sand. You can't bring anything glass--no platters, cups, jars, nothing. But how often do you get to hang out with everyone you know, and all your kids friends, at the beach at the same time? Never. So we went for it. And it was SO fun.

~Snapped a quick pic moments before the guests arrived and the fog burned off.~

A double wide pop up tent provided essential shade and the added bonus of a place to hang decorations. For hanging decor I chose to garnish a dozen embroidery hoops with minimalist florals, pink yarn, and a small gold mylar balloon. 

Embroidery hoops are extremely inexpensive and you can separate the inside and outside hoop of each one, making them a two-in-one for decor purposes. 

My favorite piece of decor, however, was the pineapples we hollowed out for use as vases. Floral arrangement is not my strong suit, so I kept that part simple, but the pineapple vases gave them the perfect look of tropical whimsy. 

They were a bit sticky so I placed them on top of wood rounds, also garnished with dried seaweed and macaron "clams" 


These round mandala throws from Stripes brought it all together and provided a central place for guests to eat and relax. We had quite a big group.

The food: Our picnic lunch included grilled chicken, pineapple and bell pepper kabobs (cooked the day before due to timing), meat, cheese and croissant platters, veggies and hummus, chips and dip and watermelon wedges on popsicle sticks.

The cake: Ohhh the cake. I don't know why I thought I could make a sandcastle on top of an ocean looking cake in one afternoon. I am not the cake boss nor have I ever tried to decorate a cake before. It was too hot in my house and the frosting kept melting and the elements were all against me. But with some strategic skewers we made it happen. We also made allergy friendly gluten and dairy free cupcakes.

The drinks: We brought water, honest juice boxes, beer, and an unforgettable attempt at frozen margarita pouches. Lets just say it was a Pinterest fail, in order for your thick freezer bags of booze to freeze they must be extremely watered down, which is not a common practice of mine. So my guests drank un-frozen margaritas with a straw out of plastic baggies. Fortunately we all found the humor in this. 


Best of all, I'm pretty sure she liked it. A lot.





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