Holiday Hot Cocoa Booth

Last year we set up a sweet family photo-op area at the shop--a Hot Cocoa Booth. It was last minute, we had no time to advertise, but it was such a hit for those walking by.

Of course the Hot Cocoa Booth will be making a return in December before the Carol of Lights festival in Downtown Campbell.

The Booth

When my husband built this booth we had no idea how many uses would come out of it. It's simply made of 2 pallets. One split down the middle and attached to the either side of the front pallet to make it stand. 1" square rods nailed into each corner hold up the canopy. And we had some left over pergo wood slats from our floor refinishing earlier that year which nicely finished the top to look like a counter.


I used fabric from Beverly's for the canopy. To get the scalloped look I traced the edge of a bowl down the length of the fabric and then cut.  

The Props

Knowing that many children would be visiting this booth, having real hot cocoa in the photo area would be a bad idea. Instead I put brown craft paper inside the mason jar mugs and served real cocoa inside the shop. To my surprise the faux cocoa cups fooled almost everyone! Topped off with red striped paper straws from my favorite local (and family run!) party store Affordable Treasures.

The picnic basket, blankets and thermos were all thrift store finds (score)! The sled was lent to us by local photographer friend Shannon Wight Photography, who has every prop known to man. I made the banner with materials from Michael's which I already had sitting around. Like I said, it was a last minute event last year. And the faux tree is from a previous year's holiday window display.


I hope to make some improvements to the booth this year and can't wait to see you, our lovely customers, enjoy it. Please stalk our Facebook page for further announcements about the booth's schedule. ;)

- Elise


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