Summer Loving Party

This year we had a sweet summer kick off party celebrating the third anniversary of our grand opening in 2012.

Sweet, fruity and yes, striped(!) props were the name of the day. So I thought I would share this giant watermelon pinata prop DIY I did, among other things, in my very first blog post.

Event photos by Kristen Bliss Photography, copyright 2015.

For those who are interested, here is my Watermelon Pinata Prop DIY.

What you will need:
Box Cutter, Ruler, Scissors, Hot Glue Gun
Duct Tape
Tissue Paper
Black material (any paper, felt or vinyl will work)

Step 1. Use a ruler to trace two triangles onto your cardboard, one for the front and one for the back. Cut on the lines using your box cutter, backed by a cutting board or similar buffer. Careful, these things are sharper than heck!
Step 2. Measure out two rectangle pieces of cardboard, the same length as the side of your tringles triangle. These will attach to the front and the back of the watermelon making it three dimensional and free standing.
Step 3. Using your duct tape, attach the rectangular sides to the front triangle and then the back. Stand it up where possible to make sure all sides touch the ground as well as meet up at the top. Adjust as needed.
Step 4. Cut tissue paper into 1.5 inch strips. I stacked up about 5 pieces at once to complete this step faster. Stack your cut strips together and cut 1" tall strips every .5" to create a fringed tissue strip with a .5" lip left for gluing to the pinata.
Step 5. Start at the bottom and run a small stripe of hot glue across the cardboard and immediately attach a strip of tissue paper to it, before the hot glue dries. Cover the entire base, front and back. Then carry on with a strip above that, and above that, until you reach the top. Fill-in any bare areas where cardboard might be showing with individual pieces of fringe.
Step 6. Cut seed shaped pieces from your black material and hot glue to front.
Step 7. Enjoy!

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