Bohemian Whimsy

Once upon a time, on a beautiful day in the Bay...

Stripes came together with San Francisco maker @ Simply1Love and Bay Area photographers @ J&L Photography to capture Cat's whimsical kimono/cardigans and headscarves with our Endless Summer tank tops & fringe dresses.

Free to Dream Tank Tops & Kimonos (both available in Infant to Adult sizes)

Fringe forever! Tank Dresses come in white & beach babe pink.


Cool as a Cactus Tank Top

Headscarves by Simply1Love // Tot Purses by Raine & Skye


Photos by J&L Photography, two women full of skill, passion + purpose.


Thank you Cat for bringing us all together and to you awesome mamas for all your work behind the scenes, you deserve a medal!


Peace, love + whimsy,
from the new bohemians.




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